Priest abuses a 12 year old: she records the meetings and manages to have him arrested


He would have abused a 12-year-old girl who regularly attended his parish.

It is the grave accusation disputed by the former parish priest of Trentola Ducenta (Caserta), don Michele Mottola, aged 59, arrested by the State Police on the orders of the magistrate of the Court of Naples North. To "trap him" was the victim of his morbid attention.

The girl, after having been abused for a long time and having spoken to relatives and friends without being believed, recorded the conversations in the rectory with the priest using her cell phone, collecting the material that led to the arrest of the man.

«Leave me alone, you don't have to touch me anymore», is one of the emblematic phrases that the little girl recorded while talking to the priest. "It's just a game, we don't do anything wrong" are the significant words pronounced by the priest; "Do you know that I love you – the priest says – do you want a basin?"

The 12 year old tries to stop him but he reassures her: «But look, there is nobody. You are scared? Embrace me, kiss me ».

The story emerged last May, when the bishop of Aversa, Msgr. Angelo Spinillo, suspended from the service don Michele Mottola. Then the investigation by the State Police was in its early stages. Just in May, in fact, the parents of the child had handed over the registrations to the agents of the Commissariat of Aversa, led by Vincenzo Gallozzi. The recordings also ended up on the Bishop's table, which immediately adopted the canonical suspension provision, removing Don Mottola from the parish of Trentola. The canonical trial against the priest is ongoing.

The Diocese also informed the Naples North Prosecutor who initiated the investigation. In June, the police report, which has meanwhile heard of witnesses, has come to the Naples North Public Prosecutor.
The victim and the alleged perpetrator of the abuses were confronted one another during an evidentiary accident. Here, the brave 12-year-old confirmed that the abuses had been going on for some time, while the priest defended himself by saying that the girl was ranting.

A few days ago the «Le Iene» program was also involved in the story, to which the 12-year-old's parents turned. Surveys showed that the priest was trying with different excuses to spend time alone with the child; he often called her to the rectory, where the abuse would be consumed.

Don Mottola, a native of Qualiano (Naples), had arrived in Trentola Ducenta in 2017. Here he immediately entered into harmony with the child's family. He often went to their homes for lunch, gave presents to the little girl and enjoyed the full trust of his parents, who were also members of the parish.

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