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Press release No. 1879 of 11/15/2019

(AVN) – Venice, 15 November 2019

The Decentralized Functional Center of Regional Civil Protection, in view of the evolution of weather forecasts, has issued a new bulletin which confirms the state of red hydraulic criticality (operational alarm phase) on Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone (VI, BL, TV , VR) and confirmed on Piave Pedemontano (Treviso-Belluno). Orange hydrogeological criticality confirmed (pre-alarm operational phase) on Alto Piave Belluno and Adige-Garda and Monti Lessini.

Forecasts for today indicate disrupted weather, widespread precipitations especially on mountain / foothill areas where they will also be strong and persistent with generally abundant quantities (60-100 mm) locally very abundant (100-150 mm) on pre-Alpine areas of the Vicenza / Treviso area. in the Belluno area with possible even higher isolated blocks.

Snow limit around 1600-1900 on the Prealps, in the Dolomites very variable from 1200 m

approximately, locally even lower, at around 1500-1700 m. Winds at strong stretches of Scirocco on the coast, strong and temporarily also very strong from the southern quadrants at high altitude, especially on the prealpine ridges with possible gusts in some valley. Towards evening the tendency to attenuate and thin out the phenomena starting from the west.

After a pause without significant phenomena, from the afternoon / evening on Saturday and until Sunday afternoon, a new phase of bad weather is likely with wind reinforcements from the southern quadrants at high altitude and also abundant precipitation on central-eastern mountain / foothill areas with rising snow limit .

Last update date: 11/15/2019

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