Premier League, Tottenham exonerates Pochettino after 5 years


After five and a half years Tottenham dismissed coach Mauricio Pochettino who had reached the Champions League final less than six months ago, then lost 2-0 to Liverpool. Pochettino leaves after having radically transformed the Spurs, become a high-level team capable of contending, but never winning, the English championship. However, the Argentine coach paid the bad start in the league in which, after twelve days, Tottenham is in 14th place. President David Levy explained: "I was very reluctant to exempt Pochettino, but the disappointing Premier League last season and the disastrous beginning of the current one left me no choice." Tottenham will shortly choose the successor, an attempt will be made with Jose Mourinho, but it is not excluded you opt for a ferryman. For June we think of one between Massimiliano Allegri and Carlo Ancelotti.

November 19, 2019 (modified November 19, 2019 | 22:08)


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