Prediction O. Marseille – O. Lyonnais, Ligue 1, 10/11/2019, info and analysis.


Ligue 1, 13 ′ round, info, analysis and forecast by Olympique de Marseille – Olympique Lyonnais, Sunday 10 November at 21:00. Discover our forecast.

There could be no better frame than the stadium Orange Velodrome of Marseille for a challenge like this. To close the 13 ′ round of Ligue 1, Sunday at 21:00, are two of the best-equipped teams in the league, we are talking about Olympique de Marseille – Olympique Lyonnais.

Challenge this with a thousand meanings. First I deal with that among the technicians. We are talking about two of the youngest and most innovative football supporters in the whole league. On the one hand the Portuguese Andre Villas-Boas, who with his Marseilles is currently in fourth place in the standings, which would mean Europa League. On the other hand we find an old acquaintance of Italian football, Rudi Garcia. The French technician, who has found in this first part of the season quite a few difficulties, seems to be in clear recovery after the two victories in the championship, resulting in a tenth place in the standings and that very heavy in the Champions was worth second place for now.

The challenge then passes to the men of higher quality in the middle of the field. On the one hand we have the veteran Kevin Strootman, on the other the young promise of French football Houssem Aouar. The strong Dutch midfielder, who wants to be the year of his revenge, has so far collected 11 appearances, scoring one goal, two assists and many good performances in the service of Marseille. The young Aouar instead, a real revelation of this championship, has collected only three presences seasoned but already by two assists. Certain that this will be the year of his consecration, we strongly recommend that you mark this name.

We could only close this brief excursus that brings us closer to this wonderful game with who works for goals, forwards. If there is someone who speaks a universal and clear language in the whole world they are their own. Precisely for this reason we could not not tell you about Darìo Benedetto, the strong Argentine striker up to now has scored 5 goals in 12 league games. Dry with goals from just three days but with the mad desire to go back to doing what he does best. On the other hand, the talented and unregulated Dutch champion Memphis Depay, which has so far scored 7 goals in 10 league games and always decisive in Lyon's last three consecutive victories.

Olympique de Marseille – Olympique Lyonnais, the prediction:

All these words have served to come to tell you that, waiting for us, it will surely be a spectacular challenge. However difficult it may be to predict the winner of this challenge, we are certain that the thrust of the home fans and the greater freshness of the men of Villas-Boas not engaged in any European event, unlike their opponents, can be decisive. As we have already said, the great desire to return to the goal of the bomber Darìo Benedetto will also be decisive.


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