Predappio, the Municipality refuses the funds for visiting schools in Auschwitz. The mayor: "No public money for part projects"


The Municipality of Predappio, in the province of Forlì, will not finance the participation of the city's high school students in the Auschwitz Remembrance-Reminder Train project. The General Generations Association communicates this with a statement, reported by The rest of the Pug: "The Municipality of Predappio denies a contribution to the participation of young people predappiesi to the Auschwitz Reminder-Remembrance Train project. So our association covers the missing quota of 370 euros to allow a student to study. " The initiative, addressed to all Italian high school students, involves students predappiesi since 2011 and includes a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. Furthermore, since 2015, it has also introduced other stages in places of Nazi imprisonment.

This year, two boys have joined the prediappiese municipality: a quota has been made available by the Italian National Partisan Association (Anpi) of Cesena and the other, says GenerAzioni, "the administration should have covered it", which however refused.

"The knowledge of part history cannot be financed with public money", so the mayor explained the decision Roberto Canali: "We are not opposed to the Train of Memory or to make known the Nazi death camps, including Auschwitz, but to the fact that this train goes in a single direction, that is only towards Auschwitz. When the Trains of Memory go in all directions and stop at other places of oppression of the twentieth century, such as the Berlin Wall or le foibe, then our administration will contribute to the initiative ".

The Association generations in common speaks of a "Unjustifiable act": "Seeing Auschwitz today and grasping its meaning, implications and complexities cannot be separated from a perspective that is not limited to national memory, but knows how to broaden our gaze to a wider dimension. Looking at the history of persecutions and exterminations of the Second World War means building the awareness that the processes that underlay them are part of a common past, as are the social, political, cultural consequences that history has brought ”. The statement concludes: "We find it unjustifiable and a very serious act by the municipal administration of Predappio not contributing to this important project, which helps young people or know the story in a critical way".

The deputy of the Democratic Party Emanuele Fiano he made it known, meanwhile, that he will contact Channels and that, if necessary, he will take care of giving the missing funds: "I will call the mayor of Predappio this morning. If the interview does not lead to a positive outcome for this hateful affair, let the organizers of the Train of Memory already pay for the trip to Auschwitz for the boy myself. " And he continues: "No more words. When the institutions are not able to assume the responsibilities that are due to them, then personal facts and behavior are also needed. An iban is enough for me. That boy must leave, his visit to Auschwitz will vaccinate him from hatred throughout his life ".

The municipality, birthplace of Benito Mussolini, was at the center of the chronicles for some nostalgic manifestations of fascism: the most recent at the end of October, when 3 thousand people paraded to celebrate, with arms outstretched and hymns to Duce, the anniversary of the march on Rome, in 1922.


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