PostePay problems on November 15th


PostePay problems

Some anomalies with Poste Italiane are now up and running again today, especially with regard to the issue of PostePay problems, apparently found by users starting at 10am this Friday. A bit like what happened a few months ago, as we have reported promptly with a specific article, several customers are experiencing the much feared "error 500". What, on balance, allows you to access the site and log in, only to receive an error message when the balance is displayed.

What the 500 Error entails about PostePay problems

Basically, when the Error 500 is detected it is likely that there is a simple maintenance to the Poste Italiane servers. The fact is that, at the moment, the PostePay problems, probably also valid for users BancoPosta, do not allow subscribers to the service to carry out the common operations that we usually carry out. You can check the status of alerts via the Alert Service site in real time.

Trying to go down in more detail, the PostePay problems encountered by the undersigned are the following: a little while ago, by performing a first-person test, I noticed that the login was normally accepted by the system. The problem, from a PC, occurred when I entered the code sent automatically by the system via SMS. Possible, therefore, that the anomaly of November 15 is linked to the double authentication system that came into force a few weeks ago.

Are you also facing problems with PostePay and BancoPosta like those I brought to your attention this morning? Let us know, possibly confirming the appearance of the so-called "Error 500", so that you have all the clearest ideas about what is happening in Italy. All of course, waiting for a quick resolution of the matter, or an official response from the company's social media channels.

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