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MILAN – In September 2019 Istat estimates, for retail sales, a cyclical increase of 0.7% in value and 0.8% in volume. On a trend basis, retail sales recorded a 0.9% increase in value and 0.7% in volume.In comparison with August, both food product sales (+ 0.5% in value and + 0.8% in volume) grew, as did non-food sales (+ 0.8% in value and volume).
In the month analyzed "different trends in sales achieved by the various forms of retail trade distribution".Large retailers continue to grow – comments Istat – although in a more contained way than in previous months; on the contrary, for companies operating on small surfaces, the negative trend already recorded last month is confirmed.

E-commerce is once again the most significant increase, with a trend growth of 26.3%. This value represents the highest result of the last two years: it is necessary to go back to the month of July 2017 to find a greater increase (+ 28%).

Even if you look at the type of goods, outside food, the annual variations are different. "The greatest increases concern IT equipment, telecommunications, telephony (+ 5.6%) and Footwear, leather goods and travel goods (+ 4.2%). The most marked decline is recorded for Stationery, books, newspapers and magazines (-1.5%) ".

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