Pope Francis embarrassed: the mother superior falls in love and flees the monastery


For Pope francesco another cat to be peeled. Closed on monastery why the mother superior she fled for love. It happened in the heart of the Valtiberina, the branch of the province that declines towards the Tiber. A story told by Day on newsstands Friday 22 November: the mother superior who in time lost her points of reference, those who had led her life up to her 40-45 years. All due to the encounter with a man. A person close to that reality and from whom the nun never left.

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A bond that becomes sentimental over time. She brakes her business, understands how much it contradicts what she is experiencing. Together they decide to say stop. But life has changed now. In agreement between the superior and the order here is the step backwards. The sentimental bond is over but together the other is also broken, which also seemed forever. But with the farewell of the nun, however, it closes the convent, known as that of marriages: not without having propitiated the last love story. The most uncomfortable that has created great embarrassment even in the upper echelons of the Vatican, but not the least true.

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