Polls, the top league and the Conte government goes down: the Ilva effect is the fault


There Alloy continues to rise, while the 5 Star Movement it goes down more and more, above all in consequence to the last events tied to the former Ilva and to ArcelorMittal, who decided to withdraw from the purchase contract. They are the results of the last surveys performed by Index Research for A clean sweep.

According to the sample, the Alloy would stand on 33.7%, rising by 0.2%, compared to last week, while the main party in Parliament, led by Luigi Di Maio, would continue its descent, probably burdened by the weight of the latest events with ArcelorMittal, linked to the former Ilva establishments: grillini come down to 14.4%, losing 0.4% compared to the last week of October. The other majority parties are fairly stable, with the Pd that stops at 19.3%, adding only 0.1%, and Italia Viva 5%.

The Zingaretti party may not even have the alliance with the 5 Stars, to emerge victorious from the elections in Emilia Romagna. This is the opinion of Alessandro Amadori's polls for Affaritaliani.it, reported by Free: if dem and grillini appear seperate, Stefano Bonaccini would reach 41%, against 45% of the votes given to the Northern League opponent Lucia Borgonzoni. But the risk would be present even in the case of a Giallorossi alliance: not all supporters of the Di Maio party are in fact in agreement with the union and could decide not to vote for the 5 Stars, if they joined the Pd. Thus, you could end up with a parity, at 49%.

The center remains stable, compared to last week's polls: Fratelli d'Italia is at 8.6% and Forza Italia at 6.4%. Taking into consideration the two major coalitions, the center-right, at 48.7%, proves itself in benefit compared to Government Count, at 43.9%.

The poll on favorite political leaders shows in the first place Matteo Salvini, with 40% of preferences, while it considers Matteo Renzi the least appreciated, standing at 14%.

Finally, the data also highlights the opinion of voters interviewed on the main topics of the political debate in recent weeks: maneuver is Ilva. 55.6% think the maneuver "will not change anything" and 56.3% consider the closure of Ilva plants to be good.

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