Polls, majority down: only Italy grows alive. The League returns to the European level


After the bad result of Umbria, new negative signals for the majority (with the exception of Italia Viva) come from the polls. The last one is that of Swg for the tg de La7. The Democratic party back first coalition party, but backs out of half a point: down from 18 percent a week ago to 17.5, probably still paying the price of the split. It goes even worse to the Cinquellestelle: they lose 1.4 percent, from 18.2 to 16.8.The League instead consolidates its first position, going from 33.6 to 34.1 percent: a leap of half a point that brings Salvini's party almost to the level of the Europeans (it had reached 34.3). An important signal for the former Interior Minister who launched the last challenge: to tear the Emilia-Romagna leadership to the Democratic Party, trying to push the government.



Emilia-Romagna, first polls: “The right is not ahead. It will be a head to head "

Brothers of Italy instead – after a long positive trail – it is down, even if only by 0.1 per cent: from 9 to 8.9 per cent. In reverse Forza Italia, which seemed to have begun an inexorable setback, registers a plus sign: 0.7 percent more, reaching 6.2 percent. Balm for Berlusconi's political wounds, who at this time launched the "future captain" operation of Forza Italia through the Al Italia trial, a sort of youth version of the party. But it is above all to celebrate Italy Viva, which in fact tweets the survey screen. From 5.2 to 6 percent: + 0.8. With a comment: "Commitment to the budget law pays". A sign that is certainly not encouraging for Prime Minister Conte and the government: fibrillations on the maneuver, if this is air, can only increase.

Behind, they grow by 0.1 percent both Left Italy / Mdp that the greens: they reach 3.3% and 2.3% respectively. Also up (by 0.2 percent) + Europe, which reaches 1.8. While losing half a point, reaching 1.1 percent, Let's change! by Giovanni Toti. The Ligurian governor has tried in recent days to "try" with ticket Mara Carfagna, disappointed by Forza Italia. For now, what should be the moderate pole, blessed by Salvini, does not take off.

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