Polls, for the 5 Stars it is total darkness (and meanwhile the right flies)


The M5s continues to fall in polls. According to the latest survey carried out by Emg Acqua for Agora (RaiTre) the 5 Stars lose half a point in a week and reach 16.3%. The Democratic Party also fell by 0.3%, but with 19% of the votes it confirmed the second political strength of the country. Forza Italia also fell from 7.4% to 7.2 and More Europe, which lost 0.4% and now enjoys 1.8% of the votes.

Polls, well Italy Viva. Fly right

On the other hand, Matteo Renzi's Italia Viva is growing, gaining 0.2%, reaching 4.9%. A remarkable leap forward for Brothers of Italy, which rose to 10% from 9.4% of the previous survey (+0.6). If Giorgia Meloni has the wind in its sails Matteo Salvini it is not far behind. The League is in fact the party that earns the most: compared to 31 October the Carroccio sees its consensus grow by 1.2 percentage points, reaching 34.2%.

The opposition is good for Lega and Fdi

There are two indications we can draw from the EMG surveys. The first is that the opposition is good for the center-right, indeed on the right as Salvini and Meloni alone are now sailing well over 40%.

Polls, the unstoppable crisis of the M5s

The second is that the 5 Stars have fallen back on the consensus crisis that had characterized the first phase of the legislature. Salvini's decision to break the alliance seemed to have put the M5s back on track, but just two months after the settlement of the Conte bis, the pentastellatos are again in free fall. According to surveys, from the policies of 2018 to today – in just a year and a half – the M5s has more than halved its consensus.

Citizenship income rejected by nine out of ten Italians

Why did the electorate abandon the Movement? From the EMG survey it emerged that on some issues such as citizenship income Italians do not think like Di Maio & co. According to Emg, 88% of respondents believe, for example, that the rdc is not working, and 85% of the voters who thought they are thinking so. The Italians also rejected the idea of ​​closing the shops on Sunday, another Di Maio crusade: only 32% answered yes, against 63% against. For the leader of the Stars it is time to make a serious reflection.

Polls, exploits of Brothers of Italy: Giorgia Meloni books the Capitol

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