Poli: "Colorless performance, we are very bitter but now we have to start again with determination"


Below, divided by main topics, are the statements made in mixed zone from the rossoblu midfielder Andrea Poli at the end of the lost 3-1 match from Bologna at Sassuolo.

Too bad to be true – «We are very bitter because we have provided a truly colorless performance, apart from the first twenty minutes played well. They scored at the first opportunity and we immediately got into trouble. In Serie A these races must be managed better, we must better understand the various moments of the match and compact ourselves despite the difficulties ».

No one is looking for excuses – «We do not create alibis: anyone of us goes on the field is ready to play, we could still do better. Looking only at those who were missing is an understatement, we are all disappointed with our performance ».

Without Sinisa – "The coach is missing us a lot, but we have to hit and make as many points as possible. We are waiting for him, because he is part of us and we have done great things with him ».

Head high, trouble to break down – "Now we must all make an examination of conscience, we will use the stop to reorganize the ideas and work hard on the aspects to be improved. The championship is still long but the points we are leaving on the road are too many, despite the often good performances: we will try to restart as we have always done, with great determination ».

Photo: Damiano Fiorentini

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