Pokemon Sword and Shield: the soundtrack of Toby Fox


Today Game Freak announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield will contain a music track edited by Toby Fox.

It is official, finally less than a week separates us from the launch of Sword and Shield Pokemon, the next Game Freak titles, both available starting November 15, obviously exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Just today, in particular, Game Freak announced through a video of The Pokemon Company that the soundtrack of Pokemon Sword and Shield will be cured, at least in part, by the famous Toby Fox, already widely known for being the birthplace of the RPG Undertale as a developer. The same Fox has edited the soundtrack of Undertale, beyond that of Little Town Hero, always made by the same Game Freak. We leave you therefore to the track that Toby Fox has created specifically for Pokemon Sword and Shield, wishing you as always a good listening.

In the past week we have seen the release of numerous details, especially concerning the eighth generation Pokemon, and especially the evolutionary stages of the three new Grass, Fire and Water starters.

We remind you that Pokemon Sword and Shield will bring several improvements to the series, in terms of gameplay and more. The game will indeed introduce the Dynamax and the Gigantamax, in addition to the function of camping and many other news that you can discover within the region of Galar. And you, which version will you take between Pokemon Sword and Shield? Let us know below in the comments!

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