Playing in Milan is not a holiday: mistakes from amateurs, you need respect for the fans. Who does not have it, go away! | A league


How to deal with a tiger with your bare hands? Well, that the match against Juventus, also for the nefarious tradition that, in the league, sees the Milan never collect even one point in the new Juventus stadium, it represents a very dangerous challenge, it seems quite obvious and taken for granted. The problem for poor Pioli is not to study the most effective scheme, perhaps by moving Theo Hernandez as a mezzala, to compact a defense that in Turin certainly cannot afford to leave gaps on the wings. No, the Milan coach must choose the most reliable players in terms of fierce concentration, of total determination, of infinite application.They seem obvious and natural qualities for professional players, many of them of international caliber. Instead, no! Given the sesquipedali errors in the last games, which cost points, points and more points, it is no longer permissible to witness certain technical atrocities or certain blunders that can be condemned even in amateur championships, where horizontal passages or incorrect posture on long casts are banned. Stefano Pioli therefore chooses his "Falange Macedone", its compact and indomitable group, which can offer guarantees not only of physical but above all mental. Playing in Milan is not a nice vacation, on the beaches of Milanello, it is not a career transition between one club and another, but a proud point of arrival, after experiences in other companies, and a starting point towards great goals. If the technical and managerial staff understands that these feelings do not lodge in any player, take the most logical measure, that of selling it and replacing it with other protagonists closer to the history and traditions of the Rossoneri.

It is already hard to endure these long years of exile from the top positions, far from Europe. Then the current members of the rose are in the meantime admired, if not unfortunately for the results, at least for the total dedication to the cause. Pride, Guys, pride in Turin and in subsequent games to make sense of this still long season and to push back the ironies and sarcasm on a ranking position that someone fears dangerous and a harbinger of distant memories. Let us be serious, then, and let this nonsense go. We invoke, however, finally a test from Milan in the ninety minutes, out of respect for the Rossoneri people. Towards the fans, who like me, will be in Turin always close to those red and black shirts, towards the fans who will be sitting in front of the television screens, with the hope that those "red and black shirts" will be worn by athletes, by players, by men, who hear the high responsibility of dressing those colors. It is not possible that, at the first smell of chestnuts, once again Milan will not count for anything anymore !!!

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