Platini on non-landing at Inter: "I had a pre-contract with the Nerazzurri. Borders and Juventus: I'll explain everything"


His was one of the first real ones "Instances" from a transfer market, in a transfer market – the one of his time – not yet mediated as it is today. But Michel Platini, in 1978, he went so close to signing a contract with theInter: operation then blurred, because the French remained at Nancy another year (until 1979) before moving to Saint-Etienne and, from 1982, to the Juventus. Interviewed by Gian Luca Rossi, journalist of Telelombardia, the former football player and former president of the UEFA explained that market hitch.

"Why didn't I go to Inter? Because they didn't want me. It is so – explains – I had signed with Inter, but the borders were not open in 1978. Inter took two players and Juve came to get me. I said: "Okay," but I had a pre-contract with Inter, so I called Beltrami and said: "If you want me, I'm free: there is Juve who wants me." They said: "No no, all right, go to Juve." So I went there. I, being full of principles, and having signed a pre-contract with Inter, I asked Inter if they wanted me when I was released. But they had taken Muller and so I went to Turin ".

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