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On paper the difference in values ​​between Juventus and Milan it is so clear and marked that it gives space to a few interpretations: the Bianconeri are clearly favorites and some of the charm of what for many years was considered a vital clash for the awarding of the championship was lost. Pioli is now struggling with big problems in the standings and personality, his team is unable to change the direction of the season. The Emilian technician analyzes all these issues at the usual press conference the day before: ON THE DIVISION WITH JUVENTUS: 'I trust my players, if they have made certain statements they have this belief. The ranking says a lot but it starts from 0-0. Great challenges mean great opportunities, they are the best team in Italy and among the best in Europe '.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: 'I believe it would take a lot to win tomorrow. Speaking of turning points is difficult, because then you have to think about the challenge with Napoli. We are late in the standings, we need to focus on what to do tomorrow. We must fight and never give up. "

ON INDIVIDUAL ERRORS: 'Four points in four games are few and we had to have more points. It is a regret that we must give more attention and care to the details because the games we played and we were at par. In the episodes we were surprised, we weren't clean and precise and we paid for it. They are all experiences that we need to grow, tomorrow we have to make an important performance because we face a level opponent and have a much higher technical level. This is one of the nodal points because with fewer errors we can find favorable siutazioni '.

ON THE THREE DEFENSE: "Training is for this, for tomorrow it is a possibility."

ON SUSO: "It is in good condition, tomorrow it will surely be there."

ON IBRAHIMOVIC: "It's early to talk about the market, surely it's a great player and a great professional."

ON THE FANS: 'I ask him to continue supporting us as they are doing. Against Lazio they were with us until the end, they tried to help us even in difficult times. If there is someone who is not at fault at Milan they are now the fans'.

STILL ON THE THREE DEFENSE: 'I try to have more and more advantages when I choose. I don't think that only the positions in the field determine balance and solidity. We must be careful, compact and aggressive. Juve makes the right choices, if he has to juggle or with Bonucci he looks for a direct game behind us. I think I have the right characteristics to face tomorrow's match. "

ON THE ESTIMATE WORDS IN ITS PLAYERS 'COMPARISONS: 'My players, if they vote Pioli, must win. I'm strong if they make us win. Together we are certainly stronger and this is what counts. That is how they train well and it must be so because we are professionals who play in Milan. If they push for me they must push so hard on the pitch ".

ON JUVE DI SARRI: 'I saw the first two games live in Parma and Florence and it was not as dominant as it was in the first two. He struggled but it was easy to imagine. Now it's complete, there are few weaknesses. Don't ask me if tomorrow we have to do a perfect match because they don't exist as there are no perfect teams. They have weak points too, despite being very strong, and we should be good at highlighting them. "

ON THE PLAYERS HOLDING: 'I believe that intensity makes the difference. For the data I have I do not believe that abroad they run more in the volume than us but in intensity, acceleration and deceleration. Abroad it whistles less, it is an environment that must grow. I agree with Capello, the intensity makes the difference but Liverpool won with Salah, Firmino and Mane. If you combine intensity, sacrifice and quality you have more possibilities. Manchester City is phenomenal and no one stands still or presses even though he is a striker. Attitude comes before technical qualities. If we match, there are great results. "

ON THE PHRASES OF CAPELLO THAT SAID THAT ONLY LEAO AND HERNANDEZ ARE FROM MILAN: 'He is a great connoisseur of football and coach. To really judge a player I have to train him. We have more than one player that can be great. "

ON THE LACK OF EXPERIENCE: 'We are a young but not immature and inexperienced team. Within the team there are professionals with important experience. Suso is a made player, like Romagnoli. Donnarumma is twenty but he is mature and aware. Biglia has many presences in the National team, as does Reina. We must search for the results with great energy, these help the team to grow to be aware of its qualities'.

ON QUALITY RESEARCH':' I believe in game principles and game concepts. Then I think I have to be good at enabling players to express themselves for their potential and find the positions where they can do it. Then after the various modules are not so important, the intensity must grow and can grow through training and high intensity and short sessions'.

ON LEAO: 'I talked to Leao and showed him what he did and didn't do. He is aware of not having entered with the right spirit. His next performance I expect to be of a different level ".

ON ACCOUNTS: 'I believe he is well physically, he has a good condition and he is one of the best. He played a very good game with Lecce right up until the penalty, he must be better at a mental level when you are wrong. You have to go beyond the mistake, you have to stay inside the game with great attention for 95 minutes being a defender.

HOW CRISTIANO RONALDO STOPS: 'It is difficult, it has so many possibilities to hurt you. We are talking about a phenomenon, a champion. We must be very careful against him, whoever is in the Ronaldo area must be very determined to give him little space. He is a great champion, one of the greatest soccer players of all time. His average goal is as impressive as his ambition. "

ON PIATEK: 'First of all I think we have to make sure we play a lot inside the opponent's area to enhance Kris's characteristics. In other races we did it well giving him the opportunity to take the necessary spaces. Then when the balls arrive inside the area and you don't score, we'll try to understand the reasons.

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