Pietro Senaldi, the background: "They must beg Matteo Salvini". Pd-M5s, the lowest point


Salvini, help us. Time two months and the government born to save Italy from VAT, from the leader of the League and from the abyss finds himself on his knees asking for help from the former owner of the Interior Ministry. The spark is the Ilva crisis, which has found the executive in the ball, divided and without solutions, victim of the obscenities and personal aspirations of an incompetent minority of Cinquestelle. Indecent show.

Minister for Development, Patuanelli, successor of Di Maio, who only a few months ago boasted that he had found the medicine for all the ills of the tarantine steelworks, he had to humiliate himself in Parliament, to the point of asking the opposition to meet the government to save the jobs and a industry that, with the induced, is worth 1.2% of the GDP and whose vicissitudes have already cost the taxpayers 23 billion. From manual the response of the League leader: no problem, provided that afterwards remove the disturbance and go to vote. What a parable for Salvini, those who until recently painted him as public enemy number one, today call him as savior of the country. And the premier Conte, who at the end of August gave him the little lesson in Parliament with the little finger up? Biascica on TV, without solutions.

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The situation is dramatic and the most worried by the impasse of the government is the Quirinale, to which the Giallorossi had assured harmony and unity of action and intent. A promise betrayed every day with quarrels and splits. Mattarella has summoned the professor of Volturara Appula to tell him that the country cannot be satisfied with its speculative ruminations and its polite ways. It is not a time for words but for facts and Italy cannot afford an employment crisis like the one that would be triggered by the closure of Ilva, which would be added to the unsolved dramas of Whirlpool, Alitalia, Alcoa.

DEADLY COCKTAIL – The parable of the Apulian steelworks is emblematic of the effects that the deadly cocktail of unions, magistrates, Pd and Cinquestelle can cause. In particular, the story shows that for the Dems to follow the myths of justicialism and de-industrialization leads to failure, of the government immediately and of the country in a short time. Zingaretti and associates had the illusions of being able to put the reins to M5S, but the Movement is not a horse of difficult race to tame but a flock of sheep gone mad in disarray.

So whoever walks beside it is overwhelmed.
This is why Salvini took off from the government and for this reason he has become central again today.
Like all those who have a guilty conscience, instead of pointing the index at themselves, the majority blames the Indian multinational Mittal and accuses it of never having wanted to save the steelworks but to have detected it only to close it and take a plant off competition strategic. Bales. The Indians are not certain of the benefactors, and on the other hand it is not clear why they should have the Italian national interest at heart, when the first not to care about them are the government parties, which accuse the sovereign forces of xenophobia and racism. However, Mittal pays a heavy rent, has undertaken to implement complex plans for environmental requalification and industrial investment and is producing and paying salaries. Facts, don't talk.

SURFACE MANAGEMENT – If Conte and associates, as they claim now, suspected that the multinational had long been planning to disengage, they are twice guilty. The first for having given her a wonderful pretext, denying her the judicial shield for the responsibilities of the previous administrations, solely to please the Apulian grillino electorate. The second, in order not to have an alternative plan, is that today the executive considers the hypotheses of nationalization, deindustrialization or sale to a new subject. It should also be remembered that the Indians were chosen by Calenda, then minister of a Pd-led executive. However you turn it, the killers are to be found in the components of this government.

At the point at which the situation arrived, it is not worthwhile to look for those responsible for the disaster and to share the faults. The government is the litmus test: either it solves the problem, or it goes home. If then the story is resolved thanks to Salvini, Meloni or Berlusconi, Conte or whoever should still draw the consequences for him and the executive would do well to close its doors, stopping to burn the money and the patience of the tax payers in the Palazzo Chigi blast furnace . Here we are no longer in the presence of a band of improvised people who lighten the pockets of Italians to distribute electoral offerings that allow the loafers who make it up to live in luxury without ever having worked. There is a left that loves to declare itself responsible and democratic but is keeping a troop of an army of incapable incapable of governing. Either he abandons them, or he will end up a victim.

by Pietro Senaldi

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