Pier Ferdinando Casini, the "betrayal" in Emilia Romagna: "Who in the center-right will vote for Bonaccini"


The only mistake that you must not commit. Pier Ferdinando Casini, from Bologna, knows theEmilia Romagna like his pockets and he sends a message to Stefano Bonaccini, outgoing governor who on January 26 risks losing spectacularly against Lucia Borgonzoni, the woman chosen by Matteo Salvini, from the Alloy and from the center-right to wrest from the Pd the historic red stronghold.

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"No new picture of Narni is needed", Casini said. The reference is to the wretched "group photo" taken on the eve of the vote in Umbria with Nicola Zingaretti, Luigi Di Maio, Roberto Speranza and the premier Giuseppe Conte. As it turned out, it's known. But in Emilia, assures Casini, the situation is different: "There are sectors of the Emilian societies that are closer to the national level center and who will vote for him instead (Bonaccini, ed) because it has governed well, knows the territory, the needs of the entrepreneurs, is not experienced as one traditional left. The electorate is now fluid ".

For Casini "Bonaccini can do it regardless. In fact, he can do it if he doesn't take any pictures with national leaders, if he rejects every Roman embrace, if he tells everyone: thank you, but stay at home, don't come here to do election campaign"." I – is the national analysis of the last great Christian Democrat of Italian politics – the context that this government should turn into a laboratory of the new center-left. They made Umbria a national test and we saw how it went. Do not do the same with Emilia where the 5 Stars have always been antagonists of the Democratic Party. What logic should allies now take? "

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