PHOTOGALLERY – Naples-Genoa: desperation Mertens, gesture of Pandev, Ancelotti and the request of the fans


We relive the film of the match in the exclusive shots by photographer Genny Cuomo. It's the most difficult moment for Napoli since De Laurentiis is president.

It rains on Naples after the draw against the Genoa. Carlo's team Ancelotti fails to redeem himself at the end of the most difficult week of the De Laurentiis era (characterized by the mutiny of the players who decided not to go to the retreat after the match with Salzburg as the company demanded). At the San Paolo the Azzurri do not go beyond a disappointing draw with white nets, as they used to say. The only blaze is Lorenzo's goal Insigne spoiled starting from the offside of Lozano. Then the darkness. A total blackout. A strange short circuit because it seemed clear to everyone the desire to win. And instead he also risked losing: Koulibaly portentous on the line after Pinamonti's shot in the air.

Surreal climate in Fuorigrotta, before, during and after the game. Relive the match in the exclusive photogallery of signed by Genny Cuomo: the desperation of Dries Mertens that he failed to engrave as he wanted; the gesture of Goran Pandev, among the best of Genoa that at 36 years old still manages to charm, who thanks the Neapolitans, his former fans, for the applause at the time of the change; some expression of a tense Carlo Ancelotti; the request of those present in the stands with an eloquent banner: RESPECT! It's a bad, very bad time. Now stop. On November 23, back on the field, at San Siro, at 6 pm, against Milan. Road uphill, but Napoli can and must do it: the Neapolitan rose is not at all inferior to that of the clubs that are currently ahead in the standings in the Champions League area.

Luca Cirillo

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