PHOTO – Curva B, new press release: "Naples-Genoa, join us outside the San Paolo!"


New announcement of Curva B of the San Paolo Stadium that is aimed at all those who will go to Fuorigrotta for the match against Genoa.

The Curve B of the San Paolo stadium he wrote and printed a new flyer. The text is aimed at those fans who attend the Fuorigrotta plant and refers to the new rules in force at the San Paolo stadium. Here's what we read: "You who go to the stadium: you who go to the stadium and try to occupy an empty place, you risk being fined! You who go to the stadium and stand on the balcony waiting for your friends, you risk being fined! You who have signed the 'subscription know that you can be suspended for a few games, if you don't have to respect the regulation, or in any case … you risk being fined! ".

The vault continues like this: "You who bring your child to the stadium, know that he will not always be able to stay by your side, you can be fined! You who go to the stadium on a rainy evening and look for shelter in a covered area, you can be fined! You who go to the stadium , begins to boycott the products that sponsor the SSC Napoli! If you believe these unjust fines and want to express your disagreement, on the occasion of Naples-Genoa on Saturday 9/11, join us outside the Curva B, as they can distance us from the terraces but they cannot forbid us to express our love for our colors freely! Free to cheer ".

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