PHOTO – Crazy involution of Naples in 53 days. Two images, two dates: someone tell the truth!


What is happening or better, what happened from Napoli-Liverpool onwards? What is the cause of such an implosion? Silence does not help.

"17-9-19: Napoli-Liverpool 2-0. 9-11-19: Napoli-Genoa 0-0. They have just passed 53 days: what happened to Napoli? Where is that Napoli? What is the real Napoli "Questions that require answers. Urgent solutions rather than scapegoats. But change course decisively. The season is still largely to be saved. #Calcio #napoli #crisinapoli #buionapoli #seriea #calcionapoli". This is what the journalist writes on social media Dario Sarnataro, colleague de The morning and of Radio Mars.

Someone tell the truth: instead of hiding behind a press silence that is potentially harmful, the club, as everyone can then put forward hypotheses, even the most incredible, indicates a conference to clarify to everyone what is really happening and what are the right solutions to adopt because it is unacceptable that a team can become in less than two months not even a bad copy of that appreciated against the Liverpool champion of Europe. No, it's not really possible: the fans deserve 360 ​​° respect and deserve to know the truth, whatever it is.

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