Pd, the former secretary of Messina Starvaggi: "In 100 ready to leave", the moves of Matteo Renzi


He did a lot of discussion in the circles of Pd the presence of the local secretary from Messina, Paolo Starvaggi, to the Leopolda, demonstration that launched the new party of Matteo Renzi, Italy Viva. So much noise that pushed the representatives of the Democratic Party of Messina to draft a letter addressed to the national secretary, Nicola Zingaretti. "We believe that the presence of the provincial secretary of Florence (…) is not so credible as the credibility of the Democratic Party of Messina to have suffered a severe blow", complain local representatives. Starvaggi, after receiving the attack of colleagues, it was resigned from his post and left the party; but to the Gazzetta del Sud he has cleared himself of accusations of treason.

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The now former Democratic Party claims that he had absolutely not planned to go to the kermesse, but "together with my friends, on the journey to the center of Florence, we were captivated by the curiosity of passing by Leopolda". Furthermore, Starvaggi would have been at Leopolda for only 8 minutes and would have booked the flight in the summer, when Renzi was still part of the Democratic Party." I remove the disturbance, hoping that my resignation can contribute to a more collaborative climate, "says the former secretary of the Democratic Party of Messina, which then places the bomb: "In over 100 members they expressed their intention to leave the Democratic Party of Messina".

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