Pay attention to the name of your chat groups: WhatsApp could ban you forever


Vincenzo Ronca

In the last hours they have leaked on the net different reports of a new type of measures implemented by WhatsApp, a kind of hard fist against participants in chat groups by name suspected.

Specifically, several reports of users who have been online have emerged banned from WhatsApp apparently without reason: analyzing the question a pattern common among the banned users, who would share the participation in chat groups with a suspect name. For example, this user on Reddit reports that he received the ban after a friend of his changed the First name of the group chat inch * ld p * rn", For fun.

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Banned users also have contacted WhatsApp in this regard, receiving an automatic reply that communicated the violation of general terms of the service. Some of the users in question received the permanent ban and therefore were forced to create a new account, losing consequently the chat history.

It is clear that WhatsApp monitors any activities illegal on its services also analyzing the names of the groups, unable to access chat contents and calls. Therefore, we suggest you to pay particular attention to the name of the groups in which you participate for the security of your account.

Source: WABetaInfo

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