Paul Fox horoscope today and tomorrow 8, 9, 10 November: signs of the weekend


12Paul Fox weekend horoscope: 8, 9, 10 November

During this week the daily appointment with thehoroscope of Paolo Fox. The expert manages the last part of the program from Monday to Friday on Rai 2, to Your Facts, where it reveals all the forecasts of signs.

In the weekly horoscope on Monday we saw the sign in first place of the Scorpion, while at the last one of Gemini. Let's see now thanks to the astrologer how the weekend will be in detail, looking at the days of Friday 8 November, Saturday 9 November and Sunday 10 November. Paolo Fox, in this weekend horoscope, assigned a number of stars for the Love, Work and Fortune component. Finally he also gave a vote to each sign.

Here are the predictions of today's and tomorrow's horoscope.

Paolo Fox weekend horoscope: 12 – Aries (rating 8)

Love: 5 stars Friday 8 and Saturday 9, 4 stars Sunday 10. Between today and tomorrow there is a beautiful indication of the stars that will bring positivity in love.

Work and Fortune: 4 stars. The Moon is in the sign and therefore this weekend will certainly be better than the past ones.

Continue to discover the other signs of today and tomorrow in Paolo Fox's horoscope.

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