Parish priest who abused the altar boys killed by a 19 year old: suffocated with the crucifix in his throat


Horror and mystery in Froissy, in Picardy, in the north of France. The former parson, which for 40 years celebrated mass before being suspended due to harassment and sexual abuse of altar boys, has been killed Monday night in his house. TO it was Alexandre who choked him with a crucifix in his throat, a nineteen who is still hospitalized in a serious confusion. It investigates possible connections with the priest's past, Roger Matassoli.

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Completely in shock, in the village, the Catholic community that for many years – first when he was assistant pastor, then when he assumed responsibility for the parish of Assomption de Notre-Dame – went to mass and listened to the priest's sermons without suspecting that , since 2009, it was no longer officiating as it was suspended due to the very serious facts of which it was guilty. Since 1967 assistant pastor, after 1988 titular, Matassoli had been suspended with prohibition to celebrate liturgies, even if only privately.

On his faults there seems to be no doubt: "in 2009 – the bishop of the diocese of Oise, Jacques Benoit-Gonnin wrote in a statement released yesterday evening – having met a victim, I took measures against Father Matassoli to remove him from the public exercise of the ministry. After presenting a complaint, we initiated a canonical procedure that allowed us to hear the victims' testimony. Therefore, the exercise of any ministry, even privately, was forbidden in Matassoli ».

At the prosecution there are two complaints in 2018 for sexual violence committed on altar boys between 10 and 14 years in the parish. Facts that, for justice, have been prescribed, as committed in one case in 1962, in the other between 1976 and 1980. The bishop asked for "forgiveness" from the victims, even during a personal meeting with one of them. He warned, before the communique, the relatives of the priest, who were in the dark like all the faithful, who yesterday evening gathered in the parish for a vigil full of pain and disbelief.

The newspaper Le Parisien met one of the victims of the priest who, responding to an interview, reveals that the parish priest, in 2015, asked him "humbly forgiving" talking to him about the "wrongs" he had committed against him. The murder mystery remains: the accused is in the hospital "in a state of semidelirio and with no possibility of expression" said Florent Boura, the prosecutor. The investigations continue, in the few moments in which it was possible to question the young man, he never "said he was personally a victim" of harassment or violence. But we know that Matassoli was "a person close to his family". Family and friends of the murderer are questioned to try to understand if the parish priest's sexual crimes are related to Alexandre's gesture. The confusional state in which he is living began a few weeks ago, according to his family. And a fortnight ago he had violently attacked his father.

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