Parents 'infamous' for having abandoned Giovannino: but who would insult them be able to take care of them?


The keyboard lions, against which we have been fighting a war without weapons for years now, have not denied themselves this time either. Not even in front of a baby. Not even in the face of the certain suffering of a couple of parents who took perhaps the most difficult decision of their lives: to abandon that child, so desired, of which to deal with could be impossible for them. Almost.

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It is certain that these two parents have strongly desired a child: they had resorted to the heterologous. And an artificial fertilization means that a child wanted it. The pathology of John – as they called him at the Sant’Anna hospital in Turin, where they have been taking care of him for four months – but it is one of those treacherous ones, which in addition to being difficult to manage is also difficult to identify before birth. But not only: in the most serious cases life expectancy is really low. For this reason, when the child was born, the parents found themselves displaced.

Born with the ichthyosis Harlequin, a child abandoned in Turin: his pathology affects the skin at the time of birth

All of us can only imagine what a mother or a father feel when they find themselves in their arms with a child with almost inhuman features. And already, because theharlequin ichthyosis that struck Giovannino may have different forms and children affected by the most serious ones were often associated with monsters. Ugly to say, ugly to think of, but it is so. The skin of these little ones must be kept constantly lubricated and greased, because otherwise it would literally split, creating real painful scales.

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Perhaps, if you think about it, at this moment the hospital could be the right home for Giovannino: loved, cared for, pampered. If he should, and we all hope so, get out of there as soon as possible, he should find parents willing to sacrifice everything for him. The care he needs does not give rest, does not give respite. And who are we to judge her natural parents who didn't feel like doing all this? If they had thrown it in the bin we would have said: "Damned, they could take him to the hospital or give him up for adoption". Well, they did it and we put them on the cross. They chose to leave the child they had longed for because they knew, perhaps, that keeping it with them would be suicide for everyone.

And morally unfair, perhaps, but in these cases who can say what is right and what is not? Judging by the social media – and some newspapers – many people know what is right to do, or at least they think they know. But the truth is that they don't even know what theempathy, let alone if they know ethics and morals.

Abandoned child for harlequin ichthyosis, Alena Seredova: "I know him and I had similar problems when I was little"

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