Paolo Fox, forecasting and ranking signs


Tomorrow's horoscope November 11: Paolo Fox, forecast and ranking signs.

Let's find out together what the luckiest signs of this Sunday will be.

Paul Fox Horoscope November 11th 2019: the forecasts from Aries to Virgo

Aries. November will be a very important month for love but we will have to move immediately, it is the ideal time to look around. Today you could receive a pleasant surprise call.

Bull. Luck is now your ally, but don't lose yourself in controversy with others. Avoid tensions and quarrels with Gemini and Virgo. Be careful to take care of your health

Gemini. Something more can be reborn in love, but where to solve some problems without exacerbating the controversy. Avoid tensions, arguments and arguments in the evening.

Cancer. A change is coming for all those who are working on projects already started in the recent past. Accept what the stars will offer you. At this time of the year you could make a final decision in love.

Lion. This will be a day in which you will conclude little or nothing. Do not be angry, postpone any important commitment until after 13. Something improves in the evening.

Virgin. Things are not good in love. Solve the old controversy within the family, even if Jupiter will only help you from December. The Moon is in a positive aspect


Paul Fox Horoscope November 11th 2019: the predictions from Libra to Pisces

Weight scale. Watch out for finances. Great stars in love, provided you don't lose yourself in memories of the past. Attentive to deadlines.

Scorpio. Moon in opposition and therefore a slow day. The next weekend will be better than the one just ended, so it's better to plan something right now.

Sagittarius. You are in a positive period the stars now favor practical questions and the sky brings excellent news. Some of your investments will yield excellent results and bring economic improvements.

Capricorn. Moon in a splendid position that will help you solve all kinds of questions. In the ties that have been compromised by time, a new serenity can be born. In these 24 hours you will be quite hectic but full of ideas for 2020.

Aquarium. Postpone every action until Wednesday and try to stay calm at least until Tuesday evening. Luck is coming and you can prepare a great comeback after a period of crisis and effort.

Fish. You could get good news from here until next weekend and love will come back positive thanks to a favorable Venus starting November 26th. Take advantage of this benevolent sky and go and take that happiness you so desire.

The team's horoscope

Italian national team: the Azzurri are back, being born in May under the sign of the Taurus and influenced by the sign of which runs from April 20 to May 20. Luck will therefore be allied. To avoid tensions and quarrels with Gemini and Virgo.

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