Palermo-Savoy, no record: here are how many coupons have been sold


One day and it will be Palermo-Savoy, valid match for the eleventh day of the championship of Series D.

After the six goals scored last Sunday against Corigliano Calabro and the tenth victory in a row won, the rosanero team is preparing to face one of the most accredited adversaries for the promotion with the aim of further tweaking its mind-boggling numbers, tracing an ever-widening gap between itself and the pursuers.

A real one "Cartel match", as the technician Rosario called it Pergolizzi, who spoke this morning at a press conference. A challenge which he will witness for the first time directly from the stands of "Renzo Barbera" also the vice president and co-owner of Palermo, Tony Di Piazza, expected today in the Sicilian capital.

However, the delicate home race scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 pm would not have warmed up the fans. As reported by today's edition of "Giornale di Sicilia", in fact, until now they would have been issued only 2,600 coupons, for a total of about 13 thousand spectators present. "It is difficult, less than queues between today and tomorrow, that we can record a new public record at 'Barbera'. (…) As in the past few weeks, however, it is reasonable to expect an acceleration already today, even if it will take something more to have a higher average of spectators than those of the last home races ", it is read.

Tickets for the Palermo-Savoy match will go on sale until tomorrow, match day.

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