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Fabrizio Palermo across the board on the main dossiers of the country – the chronicle «calls» Ilva – and on the delicate work of implementing an ambitious industrial plan launched eleven months ago. The cover interview by de The Economy on newsstands tomorrow free with The Corriere della Sera. On the affair of the day, the withdrawal of ArcelorMittal from Taranto, Palermo recalls the participation in the consortium with Arvedi, Leonardo Del Vecchio and the Indians of Jindal two years ago. "We did it as part of a system operation for the country, which is our mission, also because we believe that the availability of steel is strategic for a manufacturing country like Italy". On the ILVA, Giuseppe Pasini, leader of the Brescian industrialists and owner of Feralpi, also intervenes: "ArcelorMittal's farewell is a defeat for the country, the government changes course". Another infrastructure to be protected for the country, the telecommunications network. Cdp is present in both Tim and OpenFiber, Palermo believes that "with convergence costs are reduced because networks require continuous investments". And on the subject of networks, Cdp broadcasts the next listing of Sia, the digital payments platform.

Wrong fees

On The Economy the "tax question" and in particular the micro taxes are also addressed. Today, as recalled by Ferruccio de Bortoli, the Rc auto policy bears taxes unrelated to individual behavior. An exchange with the consumption of petrol would set in motion a more equitable virtuous circle aimed at encouraging those who least pollute. It is the unpublished Ivass proposal, the Insurance Authority. Taxes without strategy are the target: on the other hand, in order to make cash, the last economic maneuver intervenes almost everywhere. The season of the amnesties is declared closed, then the government takes on 42 billion debts of the municipalities. In the financial field, the exit from the capital of Mediobanca by Unicredit breaks a spell that has lasted for 73 years. Now the owner of Luxottica Del Vecchio tries to redesign Italian finance. And through Piazzetta Cuccia she looks at Generali, where now her share "weighs" much more. Meanwhile in Cattolica Assicurazioni power remains in the hands of Paolo Bedoni, who has been managing the listed cooperative for thirteen years. A record-breaking budget was not enough for Minali and he brought Warren Buffett to the shareholders. In the business sector, there is the alliance between Cremonini and Percassi to give birth to C&P, it will operate in multi-brand catering in shopping centers, shopping malls, outlets and retail parks. The weekly presents the 30 Champions of chemistry and pharmaceuticals. They are small and medium-sized businesses with high growth rates. In the Assets and Finance section, the point on pensions and requirements related to life expectancy. By 2020, nothing should change (the decree confirming the 67-year requirement without the expected one-month increase was made known to the closed weekly). But for today's thirty-year-olds, the increase in life expectancy could push the finish line well over 72 years. How to run for cover.

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