Padovan: "Naples, De Laurentiis prepares a fierce revenge. Next coach, three names"


Giancarlo Padovan, journalist, in his editorial focused, among other things, on the difficult situation that Naples is experiencing.

The journalist Giancarlo Padovan published an editorial on Here's what we read: "The first and, perhaps, the only time in which Carlo Ancelotti did not make the company to the end, chaos broke out in Naples. He said he was against the company's decision regarding the withdrawal to be implemented immediately after the game of Champions with Salzburg and the players, who were looking for nothing else but a bank, rushed down from the bus and fled to their comfortable homes. to the wall. Now he decides if the retreat is or is not to be done. In fact, he decides also on the next retreats and, if he is able, even on everything else. a deficient ranking (minus eleven from the summit) was added a coach who is losing charisma and image in front of a mutineers crew What does De Laurentiis want to show? the control of the locker room and the trust of the company. If it were not so, because in these hours, the names of chasing are chasing each other Luciano Spalletti, Massimiliano Allegri and Gennaro Gattuso for his replacement on the bench? ".

Padovan then added: "It is clear to everyone that De Laurentiis has not only been disavowed by his players, but also by the coach who has lined up with them. And it matters little – indeed, it matters nothing – that the coach and his team in retreat are here formally gone. If they had had authority or even authoritarianism, they would have also dragged the team to the hotel, which, at the moment, is ungovernable and ungovernable. he will have to make him pay. It is not enough to impose fines and, perhaps, to go for lawyers about the damage of image.

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