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Mission accomplished in Castel di Sangro for the Italians who greet 2019 with a clear 5-0 victory over Malta. The qualifying races for the 2021 European Championships will return in April, with the double commitment against Israel and Bosnia, when Milena Bertolini will have to do without Manuela Giugliano (presumably for a race) expelled today. At the moment however the classification smiles: 18 points in six games, 19 goals scored and only 2 conceded, with the score on the goal difference at +17.


90 + 3 ′ GREEEEEEGGI! WITH A SUPER LEFT FOR THE 5-0. A resounding fan of Roma's midfielder who, after the deadline, finds his first goal in the national team.

90 + 2 ′ Rosucci tries to fly from outside. Attempt lost on the bottom.

90 ′ There will be 3 minutes of recovery.

89 ′ Punishment of Chernobyl in the pile: Xuereb still protagonist on exit. then the ball slides to the bottom after a wrong countercross.

87 ′ Xuereb exits undergoing a charge from Tarenzi: do it.

86 ′ ROSUCCI FROM THE DISTANCE! Number 8 sees Xuereb outside the post and tries. The extreme defender puts in a corner.

85 ′ Girelli's header, rejects Lipman with his chest.

84 ′ GREGGI IN ACROBAZIA! Launch of the Chernobyl for the substitute midfielder who, on the short side of the penalty area, somehow controls the heel and then coordinates for a flying turn that forces Xuereb to a big parade. Ball in the corner.

81 ′ ROSUCCI CANNOT FIND THE TIME TO FEEL AS A FEW STEPS: cross from the right, Tarenzi's involuntary side that, in not stopping at best, prepares an assist for the midfielder with the number 8 shirt; which is unbalanced at the time of the measure.

80 ′ You enter the last six hundred seconds of the race, before the recovery.

78 ′ Beautiful advance of Linari meanwhile on M. Farrugia. Italy starts again.

77 ′ Italian on the field now with 4-3-2.

74 ′ Italy finds itself in ten and a bit in confusion, as it has lost one of its metronomes in midfield. Let's see what the reaction will be.

71 ′ MANUELA GIUGLIANO IS EXPELLED. The race director warns her for the second time: evidently none of the arbitral referees had given the azure permission to leave the field to be treated. Bad news: not so much for the remaining twenty minutes, but in anticipation of the April 2020 challenge against Israel.

70 ′ Giugliano on the ground, suffering. There is concern, also because the changes are over. Italy, like Benevento against Georgia, could finish the match in ten.

68 ′ Third change for Italy: Sabatino comes out, greeted by the applause of the local public, Tarenzi enters.

66 'Corner for Italy. Infinite action on the development of a flag shot, but in the end Giugliano slams on Lipman dragging the ball on the bottom in the contrast.

64 ′ Attempt to divert Giugliano towards the Maltese goal, on the cross coming from the right: comfortable the parade of Xuereb.

62 ′ We start again with a long-distance attempt by Rosucci: a very high ball.

61 ′ At the moment the Maltese exterior Flask is on the ground, after a contact with his goalkeeper Xuereb.

60 ′ Shoot the hour of play. Do it on Cernoia. Match that has become dirty from the point of beauty and effectiveness for Italy.

57 ′ Second change for Italy: Galli comes out, Greggi enters.

54 ′ Girelli is caught offside.

52 ′ Broken start of recovery. Substitutions, interruptions and fouls do not facilitate the rhythm.

51 ′ Rosucci fouls Theuma.

50 ′ Repulsed a shot of the Sabatino.

50 ′ Long possession of the blue who try to dig out the Maltese again.

48 ′ Bergamaschi immediately tries to get going.

46 ′ Change for Malta: in Sciberras, out S. Fatturgia.

46 ′ Change for Italy: Bergamaschi replaces Bartoli.

46 ′ Change for Malta: Said for Cuschieri.


After twenty-five minutes of effort, Milena Bertolini's Italy unlocks the contest against Malta and in the final part of the fraction it spreads by scoring twice with Valentina Cernoia and then with Daniela Sabatino and Manuela Giugliano. The first time in Castel di Sangro closes then at 4-0. At the moment the game plan, which included a large victory, is respected. We'll see if in the second half the gap will be increased.


45 ′ GIUGLIANO, LIKE A LIGHTNING: IT'S 4-0 ITALY !!!! Crazy right-footer of the Milan player who from the outside places the ball there, where Xuereb can't reach.

44 ′ A minute, more recovery, at the end of the first half.

42 ′ SABATINOOOOOOOO FOR ITALY'S 3-0! It was kicked by the Sassuolo striker, who made the most of Girelli's precious cross to go to score again after Benevento's one-two against Georgia.

40 ′ He recovers, everything seems ok. The triplet overcame the bruise suffered in the impact that occurred with Farrugia.

39 ′ Meanwhile the game did not even have time to resume, which stopped another time due to an injury to Lisa Boattin.

37 ′ VALENTINAAAAAA CEEEEERNOIA FOR THE 2-0! Farrugia slips to the edge of his own area during the disengagement phase, opening up a highway to the Italian midfielder, who Xuereb is cold for doubling and a personal double.

37 ′ SABATINO IS ADVANCED ON THE CROSS BY THE RIGHT OF ROSUCCI. Unlucky the striker of Sassuolo that in directing towards the door puts out of little.

36 ′ The field still holds up very well, but the rain makes the transmission of the ball difficult. More difficult to build networking opportunities.

33 ′ Cernoia, today he tries from all positions: Xuereb blocks without problems.

31 ′ Foul by Zammit on Giugliano.

29 ′ Italy does not want to stop. Keep pushing.

27 ′ CERNOIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ITALY 1-0 MALTA. Extraordinary punishment of the midfielder, who strokes a trajectory under the intersection on which Xuereb can do nothing.

27 ′ Heavy rain now in Castel di Sangro. Inviting punishment for Italy from 25m.

25 ′ Ammonita meanwhile Cristiana Girelli for a slap against the Flask. The number ten tried to justify himself with the race director explaining that his was an attempt to protect the ball.

23 ′ Left from the distance of Cernoia … Xuereb, in two stages, defuses.

21 ′ GRAN TIRO DI GIULIANO! Left midfielder from Rome who calls for another major intervention by Xuereb. Sabatino, on being rejected, is found in an offside position.

20 ′ Italy starts from the bottom to try to hit again.

18 ′ Milena Bertolini's team continues to attack, but was unable to clearly find the key to the problem.

16 ′ FUSETTI, OUT OF VERY LITTLE! The usual side of the Linari with a ball that arrives at the departmental colleague, near the small area, which from a few steps puts it to the side.

16 ′ A sensational robbery of the Sabatino in the penalty area, a ball set back for Girelli. Deviation on the captain's shot and new shot from the flag.

15 ′ Girelli stands in the heart of the penalty area. Ball out

15 ′ Tilting in front: Rosucci tries, ball in the corner.

14 ′ Linari puts a piece in defense, recovering on Farrugia's escape attempt.

12 ′ Girelli's cross, Sabatino tries the bank for Giugliano: the two are not intended, with the sphere ending at the bottom.

11 ′ Cernoia for Linari: unfortunate impact of the Atletico Madrid player, ball out.

10 ′ Return to grind Italy. Now there is a corner.

9 ′ Blue a little nervous in the middle sector, in this game start. Galli also seems to be a bit smoky.

7 ′ Ammonita meanwhile Giugliano for a detention on Theuma, in the circle of midfield. The arbitration measure is inevitable.

7 ′ Ball inside from the right of Giugliano for Sabatino, the number nine does not find the appointment with the goal

6 ′ Corner for Italy, nothing done.

5 ′ SABATINO! His conclusion, at the end of a beautiful Fusetti-Giugliano-Girelli-Giugliano combination, is rejected in the corner by the extreme defender Xuereb.

4 ′ We try Malta looking for Lipman in the penalty area, but the service for her is inaccurate.

2 ′ Sabatino sought in depth, the attacker does not arrive.


h 14.13 Handshakes, ritual photos and draw: soon we leave!

14.12 h Italy in green jersey, Malta in red jersey. Meanwhile, national anthems.

h 14.11 The teams are about to enter the field: it is Cristiana Girelli the captain of the day.

2.10 pm The rain is falling on Castel di Sangro: we hope that this does not affect the quality of the match.

2.05 pm The approach to the race will be decisive, less than six hundred seconds at the start.

2.00 pm The teams return to the locker room to receive the latest information from the coaches.

1.15 pm The first match, played just over a month ago, saw Italy win 0-2 away.

13.50 It is not an aspect to be underestimated, before the direct clashes against Denmark, that concerning the goal difference: Italy at the moment has made 14 goals on conceding 2, with a positive difference of +12.

1.45 pm By the way, number 10 of the Italians: will it go again in goal, thus continuing to improve its score which speaks of 13 goals in 13 games played (between club and national) since the beginning of the year?

h 13.40 The eleven chosen by coach Gatt will be able to hold back against the Italians or Girelli and companions will be able to spread like a few days ago in the match against the Caucasian team?

13.35 pm Milena Bertolini chooses to replace Guagni and Gama, with Boattin and Fusetti. The biggest surprise concerns the exterior of Juventus, with a consequent move to the right wing of Bartoli, while the insertion of the Rossoneri power plant that will pair with Linari is more predictable, the latter – moreover – having scored in the last match against Georgia.

13.30 pm In the meantime the official formations arrive
Italy (4-4-2): Giuliani; Bartoli, Linari, Fusetti, Boattin; Rosucci, Galli, Giugliano, Cernoia; Sabatino, Girelli.
Available: April, Piazza, Bergamaschi, Lenzini, Merlo, Tucceri Cimini, Marinelli, Greggi, Caruso, Tarenzi, Glionna, Salvatori Rinaldi. Coach Milena Bertolini
Malta (4-4-2): Malta (4-4-2): J. Xuereb; S. Farrugia, Lipman, C. Zammit, Flask; B. Borg, Sultana, S. Zammit, Cuschieri; Theuma, M. Farrugia. Available: R. Borg, Mifsud, Said, Carabott, M. Borg, E. Xuereb, C. Xuereb, Sciberras, Turner. Coach: Mark Gatt

1.25 pm At Teofilo Patini everything is ready for this sixth day of Group B qualifying for the 2021 European Championships. The teams will soon be on the pitch of the Castel di Sangro plant for heating.

The probable formations of Italy-Malta – The presentation of Italy-Malta

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Malta, sixth match of Group B of the Qualifications at the 2021 European Championships for women. To the "Teofilo Patini" of Castel di Sangro the Italians will go in search of the sixth consecutive success to strengthen the primacy in their group and give continuity to their results.

The selection of Milena Bertolini, after having struggled in the first outings, from the 2-0 victory against Bosnia seems to have regained enamel. The worldwide "hangover" has been put behind and the motivations are back to the highest levels. These aspects, in addition to a championship that has finally begun, have allowed the players of the Bel Paese to increase the level of play and make the difference. The net 6-0 of Benevento against Georgia is a demonstration of this.

Starting from what was put on display at the "Ciro Vigorito", Bertolini's formation must give continuity against Malta, tomorrow at 2.15 pm at the "Teofilo Patini" Stadium in Castel di Sangro. The CT will be forced to do without important players in the defensive department: Sara Gama and Alia Guagni will not be available for two injuries, important absences from a technical and charismatic point of view. The coach should make up for the two defections by choosing Laura Fusetti in the role of central and Valentina Bergamaschi (right back). The match should be based on an offensive phase and for this reason the entry of the Milan player could be a solution.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Malta, sixth match of Group B of the Qualifications at the 2021 European Championships for women: real-time news and constant updates. Start kick at 14.15. Have fun (Photo: LaPresse).

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