Ostia, attacked the RAI journalist with a newspaper: the Cassation confirmed the sentence for Roberto Spada


The sentence to six years of imprisonment becomes final Roberto Spada. The Court of Cassation found him guilty of injuries aggravated by the Mafia method for assaulting the Rai transmission crew at Ostia on 7 November 2017 Nemo. The representative of the Spada clan gave the journalist a header Daniele Piervicenzi, then also beating the cameraman Edoardo Anselmi. Spada was sentenced to life imprisonment in another trial with two murders on September 24th.

To ask for confirmation of the sentence was the Pg of the Cassation Pasquale Fimiani noting that it was a Mafia method with the "indicators" of the intimidation, so much so that none of those present intervened to rescue the victims. The mayor also awaited the verdict Virginia Raggi.

"From the verdict of the Court of Appeal, the symptomatic indices that indicate the existence of the aggravating circumstance of the mafia method with a deliberate and ostentatious display of power" have been correctly identified in the aggression to the television crew, the pg underlined in its indictment in front of to the ermellinì of the Fifth penal section. In the opinion of the Pg, who asked to declare "inadmissible"The appeal of Roberto Spada sentenced to 6 years, in this violent episode" there are a series of indexes of the mafia method "among which the fact that" none of the people present in the gym managed by Spada, in front of which took place the "aggression against journalists, intervened in favor of the victims".

Together with Piervincenzi, the cameraman Edoardo Anselmi was attacked and pursued in the middle of the road. To give Spada a hand was his bodyguard, Ruben Nelson Del Puerto whose position was withdrawn and is still able to appeal. "It is important that this sentence be confirmed for the signals that can derive from it both in terms of public order and of reaffirmation of the presence of the State even in the peripheral districts of Rome, "said the lawyer Antonio Marino, a civil lawyer from Piervincenzi and Anselmi, also referring to the fact that in October the Cassation ruled that the organization of Salvatore Buzzi and Massimo Carminati tried in the Middle World was mafia. The lawyer asked, like the Pg, the inadmissibility of Spada's appeal. The same thing was done by the other civil lawyers representing Rome Capital, the Lazio Region and the Journalists' Order.


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