Orvieto, an Air Force employee, kills his wife and daughter and commits suicide


Family tragedy on the night between Wednesday and Thursday in the center a Orvieto, in Umbria. A civilian Air Force civil servant of sixty-six would have killed his sixty-seven-year-old wife and thirty-four-year-old daughter and then killed himself with a pistol shot. What appears from the first investigations as a double murder-suicide it was consumed a few steps away from the police station on Via Roma in Orvieto. The man's brother was on the alert, arriving home around one in the morning. The carabinieri of the nearby barracks intervened on the spot found the three bodies inside the house in vico Sant'Antonio, in the city center. The bodies of father, mother and daughter were each found in a different room in the house.

Found a firearm beside the man's body – Investigations have been launched into the family drama that immediately led to the hypothesis of murder-suicide. To shoot and kill the two women would have been precisely the clerk of Aeronatica. Next to the man's corpse, the military also found a firearm. The causes of murder-suicide they are still being examined by the carabinieri, coordinated by the Terni prosecutor's office. According to the very first information leaked, it seems that the man suffered from psychic problems for some time.

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