Orange alert: schools open in Liguria, last minute in Genoa possible


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Genova. No closing of schools in Liguria on Friday due to the orange weather warning valid on Centro, Levante and the eastern Po hinterland until 8 am. The official decisions of the mayors are arriving, which are essentially oriented towards keep institutions open considering that in the rest of the day the alert will be yellow (currently until 15).

In Genoa the Bucci model remains valid in practice in recent weeks: open schools with the possibility of closing in particular areas if there will be problems in the night or early in the morning.

"The Municipality of Genoa – reads the statement of the Coc decided to keep schools open regularly tomorrow, Friday 8 November. Tomorrow morning at 5:30 am the municipal operations center will meet again for further evaluations on the situation and, if criticalities such as to make it necessary, were identified, different decisions could also be taken for partial sectors of the city ".

After all, this is the time when the most intense rainfall could arrive, according to forecasts. It had already happened between the 14th and 15th of October when, after a lightning storm at dawn with widespread flooding, the Municipality had decided to suspend the lessons from Voltri in Cornigliano and in some schools of the Valpolcevera.

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