Only element to know that he is well


"I don't have much doubt than to write that email it was Claudia Stabile, it is certain that it is the only element we have to know that it is well ". So to Vincenzo Pilliterri, legal Piero Bono, the husband of the 34-year-old who died a month ago from Flowery field (Palermo). The lawyer yesterday had a confrontation with Antonio Di Lorenzo, Claudia's lawyer, who yesterday at 7:30 am received, after a month of silence, a email of the woman. "Tell my children that I'm okay – we read – but I don't want to go back, I don't want to make the mistake three years ago".

In addition to this communication with her lawyer, according to her family members, Claudia would not have made contact with anyone. Not even a phone call to the police who have been looking for her for 30 days or to her mother who lives in Germany, from which in 2016 she took refuge with one of her little sons, during the first 'escape' that cost her a complaint for abandoning the conjugal roof and which today sees her at trial. Claudia – who, if she wanted to, was not obliged to return to participate in the trial, which could be held against her in absesntia – she did not even get in touch with her children, of which she has the number.

"Claudia is a careful, caring, loving mother" Piero has always supported her husband, yet despite her care to reassure the children, she would have chosen to communicate with them through her lawyer, who reiterates that she did not talk to her on the phone, but to have received only that mail message. Claudia Stabile has left the Campofiorito home bringing only her driving license and 200 euros. It does not have credit cards, debit cards, identity cards or passports. All his clothes remained at home and the car he was driving was found in the Falcone and Borsellino airport of Palermo. The hope is that Claudia can now get in touch at least with her children by telephone.

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