one of the most common scams returns to steal money from users


Postepay: one of the most common scams returns to steal money from users

The view Internet it is certainly a medium that can be used by everyone today, especially if you need something even in the world ofhome banking. Every person who uses a simple card such as one Postepay it can in fact have many advantages but also many sudden vicissitudes.

It is absolutely not the first time that someone reports of scams coming through their emails or maybe thanks to the usual social channels that never contradict each other. When we talk about social channels we clearly refer to all the chats that can act as a means of spreading tricks or any other scam regarding the Postepay. All the scam attempts that arrive in this area are clearly of phishing, and because of their habit of going out to find a chicken to pluck, they often succeed.

Postepay, some new phishing attempts come to disturb many users of Poste Italiane customers

There are so many people who obviously have learned to be careful when some message arrives about their bank. The Postepay is one of the most targeted cards of all, and scams to scammers are found both on the Italian territory and abroad.

Through the usual mails in fact many new scams arrive that even lead to total block of the account. obviously it is not a real block, but a diversion to allow scammers to have their users enter access credentials. This way everything can be stolen.

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