Occupies the seat on the bus with the bag to prevent the black girl from sitting: complaint on Fb


To Alexandria, An Italian commune of 93 637 inhabitants in Piedmont, a 60-year-old lady would have occupied the bus seat with her purse so as not to make room for a 7-year-old black girl. The incident of racism was communicated with a long post on Facebook by the city councilor Vittoria Oneto. The intervention of the councilor then allowed the child to sit down.

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The story. "I took the bus back home. Few seats. I remain standing. A mother with two children climbed. She leans in a wide space with the stroller and the 7-year-old girl tries to sit in a place near a 60-year-old lady who had put her shopping bag on the seat. The lady looks at the girl and says: "No no you don't sit here! told the Oneto in his post, explaining his intervention in this way: "I tell the woman to move the bag and sit the baby but she insists and arrogantly tells me to mind my own business. Too bad, you found the wrong person. The mother of the child says nothing and looks at the ground».

I vent it. "At that point I raise my voice more and more, and intimate in a bad way to make the child sit down immediately and feel ashamed with all the breath in my throat. The lady then makes her sit but continues to mumble and look disgusted at the child. All the people on the bus look at me partly smug, partly not but nobody dares to say anything. What color do you think the baby was? Yes, that's right ". The counselor concluded her outburst by telling all the bitterness she had experienced:" I cried. I got off the bus and cried. For the nervous, for the sadness for the sense of defeat I felt and I try. As if these days were not already painful. Is this what we are? Is this what we want to be? I don't want to believe it». In a few hours his post received hundreds of comments, certificates of esteem and thanks for his intervention in favor of the child.

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