Nuovo S. Siro: yes bound by the Giunta, Inter and Milan disappointed. Sixth floor B


The road leading to the hill is increasingly uphill new San Siro. The Palazzo Marino council – writes la Gazzetta dello Sport – approved the public interest following the indications of the municipal council, but Inter and Milan they did not expect so much rigidity on the salvation of the Meazza and on the buildability around the stadium. That's why the companies – reports the rosea – have not uncorked bottles of sparkling wine to celebrate, indeed: "The clubs reserve the right to analyze in detail the act and assess whether the conditions set are compatible with the feasibility and economic sustainability of the project", they wrote in an official note for photograph the delicacy of the moment. Already, because the formal ok given by politics practically disavows the entire project of the societies, which are now holding back, take time, they think more and more to the alternative Sesto San Giovanni.

According to the newly approved Territorial Government Plan (PGG) – it continues Gazsport – the ratio of building area to cubic meters at San Siro is 0.35. It is a pity that the project presented in July by the Milanese clubs has a building index close to 0.70: nothing irregular, because the clubs take advantage of the law on stadiums, which allows them to reach higher volumes. In order for the 1.2 billion masterplan to be sustainable, the companies have planned a 65,000 sq. M. Shopping center and 85,000 sq. M. Masses impossible to achieve by remaining within the limits set by the Municipality yesterday. Not only that: Inter and Milan have planned to build the extra-stadium area where the Meazza is. Hypothesis now become impossible.
Inter and Milan will soon analyze with the technicians the pages of the municipal resolution. Will a completely modified project be sustainable for club pockets? San Siro has always been the priority, but a 650 million stadium needs an important commercial part: keeping a mixed Meazza, sports facility and shopping area up, is a rock that is perhaps too high. To mediate with the City of Milan seems much more difficult: that's why plan B in Sesto San Giovanni.

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