Ntcham marks Lazio and celebrates upside down: imitates the death of Benito Mussolini


In the last minute of recovery, the goal of Olivier Ntcham, ex Genoa, gave victory to his Celtic at home in Lazio. The French midfielder exulted in a rather extravagant way: upside down, just as he was killed Mussolini in Piazzale Loreto. THE'exultation it was a clear provocation against the Lazio curve, whose most extreme fringes are notoriously associated with fascist and racist ideas.

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The eve of the match had been stained by a stabbing by a group of Lazio supporters against two Scottish supporters; while during the first leg match in Scotland, Celtic fans had shown one banner depicting the execution of Mussolini upside down and bearing the inscription "follow your idol". Open accounts between the two supporters.

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