"Nothing will be the same as before". Ancelotti guarantor or lightning rod? Tensions due to missed renewals and more


At home in Naples there is great agitation for what happened after the race on Tuesday. The reasons for this nervousness are different.

Ancelotti has had carte blanche, or is it still in evidence? What should we expect now from Naples? These are just some of the questions fans are asking. He has thought of answering these questions and more Dario Sarnataro to Marte Sport Live microphones broadcast on the frequencies of Radio Mars. These are his thoughts on the blue club: "The impression is that now in Naples nothing will be the same as before, even in relations with certain players regarding renewal and technical issues. Now we ask ourselves: what can we expect for Naples-Genoa? Will the emotions of these days be transformed into competitive rage? Many things have happened in the history of Naples, such as the famous 'revolt of the four' in the 90s; the endless boards of directors and so on; but never something like this mutiny ".

Sarnataro then added: "Another question: did Carlo Ancelotti guarantee the situation or was it Aurelio De Laurentiis who gave him the burden of bringing short results? Ancelotti had carte blanche, or is he still on trial? We know he would like to manage the situation, but he must show that the team follows him in full and that he is able to score points, both in the Champions League and in the league, to us it appears that there was a clash in the locker room, but we have no details on the matter. "In the missed renewals and in the words of the president on Mertens and Callejon. Will Ancelotti now be the guarantor or lightning rod? Will we ask him?"

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