Not just Ancelotti's son: from Pioli to Conte, when someone from the family enters the staff


7 November 2019 – 11:45

Davide, deputy in Naples, has created bad feelings. The son of the Milan coach is a march analyst, Maran's son works with the drones, with Conte is his brother. Prandelli's son now goes alone

of Monica Colombo

Among the folds of the earthquakes that are making Naples wobble, among the thousands of reasons that have caused the dressing room to become unruly against the De Laurentiis diktat to drag the team into withdrawal, among the causes that have compromised the relationship of trust between players and Ancelotti, there is also the bad mood towards some element of the staff. The presence of Davide, the son of the technician, and of Mino Fulco, Carlo's son-in-law, are bringing to light the ancient accusations of nepotism that Ancelotti had already had to endure in Madrid and subsequently in the Bundesliga in Monaco. Yet Davide, 30, is not the only child to be part of the working group of the most famous father. With the risk of being labeled as recommended, family members are often chosen to provide additional support within the team. Certainly Davide, who even has the role of assistant coach at Napoli (that's why some players don't consider him credible and / or prepared), not the only exponent of a family of technicians to work in a family.

Davide Ancelotti (Ansa)

Davide Ancelotti (Ansa)

7 November 2019 | 11:45


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