Non-Taurus bull: the dilemma of change


TURIN, ITALY – NOVEMBER 02: Andrea Belotti (R) of Turin FC is challenged by Leonardo Bonucci of Juventus during the Serie A match between Torino FC and Juventus at Turin Olympic Stadium on November 2, 2019 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino / Getty Images)

Despite the fact that the last two league games have ended equally, or with a defeat, beyond the questionable refereeing choices, it certainly cannot be said that the Taurus who played with Lazio was the same one he has, a few days later , faced Juventus.

The Mole derby saw eleven players thirsting for victory and success, while the match at the Olimpico in Rome seemed to see a team that was not very involved, demotivated, almost described as a nemesis of itself.

Simone Zaza: the productivity of anger

But what can be changed within two days?

It is certain that the change is in the nature of the course of any entity, but this suddenness leaves much to think about. The symbol of this reversal is, first of all, to be found in the game finals and in the figure of Sirigu who, if against the celestial whites left the field with his head down, after the hoax given by Belotti's own goal, against the bianconeri instead, he took the team to the collection to strike up a speech that gave strength and charged the motivation of a Taurus who, lately, seems to have been lost.

Armando Izzo: the grenade lion

That the withdrawal really helped something?

Likely. What is certain is that the stubbornness of the grenades was much greater in the derby. It is known, however, that the derby is a game in itself and the fear that this charge has been given only by circumstance is obvious. However, that office must be anything but circumstantial: it must be perennial, the basis for a change that, if it is happening, is right to continue, but if it is still to happen, it must not lose sight of its solidity.

Also from the song of the fans there have been some important changes indeed, in this case, more than changes we can talk about real confirmations given by the love of the twelve grenade towards the Taurus. Given the match against Lazio it would have been easy to indulge in the waves of protest, but this was not the case. We have seen an almost full stadium, participating and ready to push the team towards an engaging and drumming boarding, a sign that the Taurus did not die in the bullfight of the championship, but is only wounded, ready to get up and launch the winning gore.

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