Nocerino: "Sarri at Juve will never be like in Naples! Ibrahimovic, Milan and my future …"


The former footballer spoke on the microphones of Radio Bianconera, many topics were addressed, including the possible return of Ibra in Serie A.

He spoke to Radio Bianconera during the "Third Time" Antonio Nocerino, former double of Juventus and Milan: "Rivalry between the Bianconeri and the Rossoneri? This game is fascinating, both when you play at San Siro and in Turin there is an incredible atmosphere, while perhaps with Inter, Torino or Roma it is completely different. Salihamidzic? Certainly people don't expect it from me and Salihamidzic … I remember these two games. Salihamidzic's brace was a small redemption because Juventus had not beaten Milan for many years. Then in the years after we all know how it went, Juve dominated for 8-9 years, but in those years Juventus experienced a moment of difficulty and was good at rolling up their sleeves and preparing for these years of great victories ".

On the possible return to Italy of Ibrahimovic: "Ibra I would always take it but not because it is Ibra but because it shifts the balance, it is a great champion and makes the difference. I think Milan may need it right now, it doesn't have a player like him. Ibra can help the players around them to grow and improve self-esteem because it demands so much, it increases the desire to do and ambition. I think it is more Ibra than Milan serves the opposite".

What did Juventus and Milan have in common? "The desire to win, to never be satisfied. I remember when I started at Juve with Ranieri and I played with Nedved, Gigi, Giorgio, a draw was like a defeat. This makes us understand the mentality, the desire to always be at the top and never be satisfied. There after an hour that the game was over you already had to think about the next race, otherwise it wouldn't take anything to put you aside ”.

Su Sarri: "In my opinion the Sarri seen in Naples still does not exist and I think there will not be, Juve has completely different players than Napoli. Juve wins even though they don't always play well, they have players that are devastating, just think of Douglas Costa against Lokomotiv. If you take one and put another, the music is always the same, it's so beautiful. In my opinion, Juve will never play from memory like Sarri's Napoli who had players who exalted themselves with that type of game, instead Juve players are exalted with and without play, they are so strong mentally that they don't need this, the Juve will continue to win regardless of the game ".

On Sunday's race: "Milan has weapons, I hope that first and foremost it can be pride, but on paper it's a foregone game. Juve has more to lose than Milan, the bianconeri have to continue their march towards the Scudetto because behind it has an Inter that is there, at this moment we cannot and must not allow false steps ".

Is Nocerino also back in Italy? "I hope soon, I wait for the right call. When I get to 34 I don't want to go after the contract, the money. The thing that can make me come into focus is to meet serious people who can help me to question myself and maybe I can help because I feel good physically and mentally. I wait and see, if it doesn't arrive I took the Uefa B license and I'll start something else, but I prefer to attach myself more to the human situation than to the contractual one ”.

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