No to yes men, but there is a way and a way


I have always been convinced that to be a top manager, as well as in life, in addition to purely field skills and tactics, you need to serve a strong personality equally, which favors the coach on duty in managing the squad and above all in being followed in everything and for everything from their own players.
At Inter, the best example is Jose Mourinho who, with his charisma and enviable (and perhaps even envied) leadership for the Heads of State, directed the Nerazzurri in 2010 to the biggest triumph in the history of Italian football.
To lead a world-famous club, such as the Biscione, if you want to obtain certain types of results, equal to the blazon and history of the Milanese, you need a determined leader who is not afraid to expose himself. To say things as they are. Better an ugly truth, however inconvenient it may be, than a beautiful lie.
So if we go back in time, even without going too far, it does not take a phenomenon to understand that the Inter's roses of certain vintages were simply footballers not up to par. And despite the fact that at the time of the specific season proclamations had been made or at least promises to be able to reach the top, other than fighting for the Scudetto or for entering the Champions League! Sometimes, seeing then the evolution of the career of some, one must almost thank that they managed to take off (and thus give to the fans) some satisfaction.
For me the habit of mediocrity approached the Nerazzurri (or any top world club) was a virus to be eradicated. If your name is Inter you have the right to be one of the most coveted teams in the world, but also, at least in my opinion, the duty to be competitive at all levels.
In short, cheering for joining the Champions League can go well after troubled years. But there must always be growth. For this reason, as already written several times, the Nerazzurri have to improve their placement in the Serie A this year, try to pass the Champions League round anyway, and annoy Juve in Italy, and the European battleships in the Vecchio Continent.
To date, I would say that the objective is centered without problems, but obviously more could and can be done. For real. Not like when some yes men they deceived the square even though it was clear that Inter would not win anything. Ergo, Conte is right to get angry because with Vidal and Dzeko his team would probably have been even stronger and more competitive immediately. And for me it is also good to repeat it publicly, because even Mourinho in the year of treble during the various press conferences he had repeatedly stated that he needed this or that graft.
Of course, we must not forget financial fair play, and the fact that certain operations would have affected the coffers of the Beloved. Not a small detail to be taken into account.
But what I think is most important in these cases is the way we express ourselves. Wanting stronger players for their team is legitimate and normal. Throwing barbs – or perhaps more or less veiled accusations – to some members and managers, in fact diminishing their abilities is an error in my opinion that should not be committed. Let me explain better: to argue that Barella and Sensi do not yet have great international experience because they come from Cagliari and Sassuolo is an objective fact. Undisputable and not questionable. Exposing him however to pissed off, with a certain attitude, seems almost an accusation, for their fault even if the intentions are opposite. How to blame the two midfielders who are doing very well. Similar discourse for the "always play the same".
For this reason I agree in substance with what is expressed by Conte. We need some grafts, we are at the beginning of a growth path and a club like Inter must always fight for important goals. But there is a way and way to expose one's opinions. And if you don't do it in the right one, the result is likely to be a boomerang with potentially more than unpleasant consequences.


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