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What future for Carlo Ancelotti at Naples? What is the thought of Aurelio De Laurentiis on the Emilian coach after the crisis culminated in the home draw against Genoa, and by the now known mutiny of the post-Salzburg team? The position of the coach is firm, at least for now. The president, flown to the States, has no intention of opting for what would be a real revolution on the bench, especially on the eve of the break. Ancelotti, will be able to benefit from the next two weeks to reorganize the ideas, then waiting for the challenge with Milan and above all for the one at home to Liverpool in the Champions League.

Naples, what is the situation of Carlo Ancelotti after Napoli-Genoa

The deafening whistles of the San Paolo after the final whistle of Napoli-Genoa, are the perfect photograph of the difficult moment of the blue team. Four games without wins, and the mutiny of the players refused to go to the retreat, which marked the break with organized support, with the company ready to take exemplary measures. On the dock, which was unthinkable until recently, coach Carlo Ancelotti is also finished with the rumors related to a surprising change on the bench began to circulate insistently in the city of Naples.

De Laurentiis's decision on Ancelotti and his future at Napoli, a timed trust for Carletto

Voices destined to remain so, at least for now. According to Sky Sport, the president De Laurentiis is not intent on carrying out reversals on the bench immediately. His stay in the States on the other hand is the confirmation of the will to try to exploit the stop, with Ancelotti who will try to reorganize the ideas, arranging the players not summoned to the national team. Two weeks therefore to try to find the lost route, also in view of the difficult challenges that await the Azzurri at the restart, and that in case of a flop could (this time yes) push the leadership to hypothesize also the possibility of a change on the bench.

Ancelotti, challenges for his future against Milan and Liverpool

A sort of trust in time, in a period of pause that seems to happen at the right time for a confused and unrecognizable Naples. At the restart however it will be forbidden to make mistakes first in the championship match at Milan and then a few days later, in the difficult transfer to Anfield against Liverpool. A Champions League night that could allow Napoli to snatch the pass for the second round, for what could be a real turning point after winning the first seasonal goal.

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