No Count-Inter neckline: solid relationship with Marotta and the team


The speech of Antonio Conte following the defeat against Borussia Dortmund, he must not feed false hopes on his opponents, because whoever thinks of a cleavage between the Inter coach and the management is wrong. This is the certainty that expresses the Corriere della Sera before the challenge between the Nerazzurri and Verona: "The relationship with Beppe Marotta is strong and solid, as is the relationship with the team. The locker room sees in the ex c.t. the man capable of leading the group to victory and the players are ready to give the soul for the coach. However, if you always travel with the accelerator pressed, the possibility of slipping exists. However, the defeat in Germany has not tarnished the desire to hunt down Juventus, to surpass it perhaps already on Saturday waiting for Sunday's clash between the bianconeri and Milan".

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