Niu, three electric scooters and hybrid EICMA bikes 2019: UQiGT Pro, MQiGT, NQiGTs Pro and AERO EB-01


NIU renew the offer e presents at EICMA 2019 the three new ones electric scooters UQiGT Pro, MQiGT and NQiGTs Pro and one hybrid bicycle called Aero EB-01, a cross between a bike and a scooter. Certainly not very romantic names behind which are hidden the new two-wheeled models ready to debut on the roads of the whole world starting from China, the main market, up to those of our cities.

The numbers are on their side, in fact, in the last year there are about 6 million NIUs marketed in the different seriesThus, UQiGT Pro and NQiGTs Pro inherit an important responsibility. Electric scooters always connected and equipped with an extremely complete and functional application we talked at length about our N series test last winter. All the models sold – we remember – integrate a prepaid Vodafone SIM which provides vehicle information and GPS position at all hours. Let's look at them in more detail:


Important review for the UQi series with the new UQiGT Pro pointing to the short range with a clean, essential design and an ultra-light frame. There's a Bosch 1200 W electric motor that drives the scooter up to a maximum speed of 45 km / h at this rate. the manufacturer speaks of 50 km of autonomy. Digital instrumentation with plenty of space for information on remaining charge, speed and km traveled.

If the average cruising speed is lower, therefore equal to 25 km / h, NIU calculates an action range of 85 km; all naturally to be verified with direct tests on the road that we will do as soon as possible to try them directly.

Definitely more attractive and interesting older brother NQiGTs Pro, strong of a Bosch 3 kW electric motor and a maximum speed of 70 km / h. The most powerful of the series that rests on a pair of 60 V 35 Ah batteries capable of a declared variable range between 70 and 150 km (calculated with a constant pace of 25 km / h). Staggering numbers for the category that go slightly beyond the capabilities of the current N-GT which boasts the same power.

Unfortunately there is no information on prices, we will still have to wait to know the positioning of these two new models, although we suspect costs entirely similar to the current line-up.

Same Bosch 3 kW motor for the MQiGT model, now redesigned and more convincing than the current model but always limited to only one passenger. However, it is a fast scooter capable of reaching up to 70 km / h and covering a single battery charge from 55 to 135 km, depending on wheelbase and driving style.


Hard to call it simply bicycle, the new Aero EB-01 certainly caught our attention with its atypical lines. In front is a large unusual circular light for the category, a small shield and digital instrumentation practically akin to that mounted on the UQiGT Pro scooter. The design is very particular, futuristic on one side and more classic on the other, born of a collaboration with Bafang, Shimano and Samsung.

NIU talks about "most energy efficient vehicle ever made by the company", strong of removable lithium-ion batteries 48 V 21 Ah which can be recharged in 4-5 hours and a 250 W motor that can reach the maximum allowed speed of 25 km / h. More than excellent the estimated autonomy, we speak in fact of a range between 60 and 150 km, with a two-year warranty that will cover both engine and battery and IOT.

Even for this strange hybrid bicycle no price has been announced, we'll know more very soon. But the news from EICMA 2019 have only begun, this year we talk more and more about electric mobility and the new solutions like the Vespa Elettrica certainly not lacking.

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