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L'AQUILA – "If there is not a billion for seismic risk schools, the budget law will not vote!"

The peremptory aut aut arrives from the senator from Abruzzo of the Movement 5 stars, Primo Di Nicola, in a situation already very delicate for the Conte bis government, dealing with ex-Ilva emergencies and high water in Venice, in a tormented cohabitation mostly between Pd and pentastellati.

Di Nicola, following the electoral defeat of the European Championships, has taken a critical position in his party. In an open letter at the beginning of November, he returned to invoke a change in planning and organization, compared to that paced by those who are content to "secure a seat in the Senate Chamber, while outside the house burns", and "armor a restricted, and irrelevant nomenklatura ". Arriving to hypothesize, in deference to the environmental soul of the M5s, to "biodegrade us definitively, and dissolve us into something greater".

Yesterday's pentatellatum ultimatum is undoubtedly a good cause, and a very different sign compared to the traditional "cow market", which is unleashed before any financial maneuver, in order to drain resources, in less commendable cases, for the benefit of this or that electoral feud, lobby, camarilla clientelare.

"I presented an amendment for 1 billion for urgent interventions for the safety of seismic risk schools in zones 1 and 2 – writes Di Nicola -. To which I will try to support, if necessary, a legislative measure for a single person who will have to handle these interventions immediately. I said that this time the matter is not treatable ".

"I announced – warns Di Nicola – that if I do not find this money in the maneuver I will not vote the budget law. I will do it to respect the promises made during the electoral campaign. And to prevent tragedies like those of San Giuliano di Puglia. The earthquake does not warn never when it arrives, we have already lost too much time ". (F.t.)

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