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From the wild card of the champion tournament, beating the world number 18 in the final. Jannik Sinner complete a tournament Next Gen Atp Finals 2019 to go crazy winning the title after a final dominated 4-2 4-1 4-2 against the Australian Alex de Minaur. Fantastic match by the 18-year-old Italian who never leaves his opponent, in an exciting mix of solid, fast, classy shots and impeccable tactical choices.

Jannik Sinner does not seem to have just turned 18 for the tennis he expresses, the choices he makes in the field and the mental approach he has at every point. Even the world number 18, the Australian Alex de Minaur, has a bewildered look in front of what starts to be something more than a crystalline talent of Italian tennis that already smiles with Matteo Berrettini. The final of the Next Gen Atp Finals 2019 in Milan is without history in favor of Sinner that sweeps away de Minaur without any possibility of replication, in three exemplary sets for tactical conduction and technical choices. The first, in equilibrium, is decided in the sixth game, when Sinner tears off his opponent with a game that is practically perfect, thus winning the first set. In the second part, the classy, ​​fast and powerful shots of the Italian tennis player follow one another and immediately place the break by advancing 2-0, before playing like a veteran, canceling two break points at de Minaur and gaining the second set with the score of 4-1. Third set in which Sinner shows off a shiny winning backhand to place another break and get closer to the title, leading 2-1. De Minaur of anger remains attached to the match, before yielding almost inevitably in the sixth game. The umpteenth wrong shot gives Sinner the title and world tennis a player who seems to be a predestined.

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