New troubles for Roman Polanski: accused of rape in France 44 years later


After having repeatedly asked for support for personalities like Brigitte Macron or the minister Marlene Schiappa, Monnier wrote in a text: "In 1975 I was raped by Roman Polanski. I had no connection with him, neither personal nor professional and I hardly knew him ".

Because Polanski's latest work, J'accuse, Did it push you to come out? After receiving evasive or helpless responses from a judicial point of view given the prescription of the facts, he decided to reveal everything to the newspaper Le Parisien. "The reaction delay – the woman said – does not mean that I have forgotten. Rape is a time bomb. Memory cannot be erased, it becomes phantom and pursues you, it changes you insidiously. The body often ends up being affected by what the mind has kept apart, until the age or an event takes place before the traumatic memory ".

In the film, Polanski stages the judicial error par excellence, the captain's story Alfred Dreyfus. "It is sustainable, under the pretext of a film, hiding behind History, to hear J'accuse from the one who has you branded on fire, while it is forbidden to you, the victim, to accuse him? "asked Monnier.

Daughter of Alsatian industrialists, Valentine at the material time had just gained maturity and decided to go and celebrate in the mountains with friends, Polanski guests. The woman says that Polanski asked her very clearly if she wanted to have sex with him on a chairlift ride. She said no, then in the evening she had dinner with him in a restaurant from which one would return down the track with torches.

In the chalet, Polanski called her and when she came out on the landing, his began fury: beatings, blows, a pill that made her swallow before raping her. "I was totally in shock, I weighed 50 kilos, Polanski was small, but muscular and, at 42, in full strength: he won in two minutes. I said to myself: but it is Roman Polanski, he cannot risk that we know, then he'll have to kill me". Then the director's apology arrived, in tears, with her promising to say nothing.

Polanski, 86, was sentenced in 1977 for child sexual abuse in the United States, a country in which it cannot yet return. His wife, Sharon Tate, was killed by a sect led by Charles Manson in 1969 in the United States, while pregnant. Currently lives in France with his last wife, the actress Emmanuelle Seigner, from which he had two children.

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